By Kelly Anne Hill, Aug 13 2012 08:56PM

Today I ran the first Introduction to Reiki Workshop for Birmingham based carers. I must stress that this is simply a brief introduction in Reiki history and how it can help with a variety of spiritual, emotional and physical difficulties.

We also look at the seven chakras, their colours, gemstones, essential oils and what elements of the body and/or mind they govern.

We discuss the power of boosting energy with crystals and there are handouts for you to take home to remind you of what we cover thrpugh the session.

We end the session with a group visualisation to promote healing and charge the seven chakras.

If you are a carer living in Birmingham, this workshop is FREE!

If you are not a carer but would like to attend a workshop, or perhaps you have a few friends that would be interested in learning more about Reiki and the power of crystals, I could come to you for a fun alternative evening at your home! Please contact me to discuss these possibilities further.

By Kelly Anne Hill, Jun 6 2012 11:45AM

On Saturday 2nd June, I attended a Pain Management course run by Clem Turner in Sutton-in-Ashfield. I have previously attended his Anxiety Management Workshop, which was incredible so I was expecting great things, I'm pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed.

Clems easy teaching style helped to unpick the complexities of how and why the body feels pain and how to teach the mind and body to let go of unnecessary pain.

The program is looks at the whole of the client so it doesn't simply target the one area of the body that is experiencing the pain but what might be behind the pain, whether that's physical or emotional pain brought on by prolonged anxiety.

By constantly checking back on how the client is feeling, we can monitor what is working for them and what is not, this is done by completing a short set of simple questions at the beginning of each session.

Because no two clients are the same, the program can be adapted to create a completely unique experience for each client.

If you are experiencing pain and you feel that you are not getting anywhere with medication, or perhaps you have spoken to your Dr and you don't like taking medication, contact me to see if this program is for you and get back to living your life.

By Kelly Anne Hill, Mar 25 2012 08:21PM

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By Kelly Anne Hill, Mar 8 2012 02:26PM

Stacey Solomon has been dropped by Foxy Bingos Celebrity Mum of the Year Campaign due to photos emerging of her smoking whilst pregnant with her second child.

Stacey was tearful when Holly and Phillip interviewed her on This Morning, and she was quick to explain that she didn't think that this behaviour was ok, stating that she is desperate to give up.

It has been stated by ex-smokers and ex-drug users, that quitting cigerettes was more difficult than kicking Class A drugs and yet there is still this perception that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant she must immediately kick an addiction that she may have struggled with for years.

Yes of course it's well documented that damage caused to an unborn child can be directly attributed to the mother smoking during pregnancy. It's not in question that it's both in the mother and childs best interests to avoid smoky environments, yet where is the support for the mother? Your hormones are causing physical, emotional and mental changes and your life is about to change completely, then on top of this you are trying to overcome an addiction.

Stacey stated that she has been trying electric cigerettes and was considering Hypnotherapy to give up smoking. Fast acting therapies such as Hypnosis and NLP could really help in overcoming the urge to smoke, and possibly more importantly, help women to build on their confidence and self esteem at a time when they really need positive support.

Original article written in Daily Mail, Thurs 8th March 2012.


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