By Kelly Anne Hill, Apr 8 2019 06:53PM


It feels like a lifetime ago that I last wrote anything here and just like everyone else, the life of a therapist is no less filled with stresses, responsibilties, work/life balance issues, etc etc!

But it feels good to be back and I will TRY to update you all more frequently than once every 5 years in the future ha!

I'm so excited to share some fantastic news with you too, BRAND NEW GROUPS ARE COMING SOON!!!!

MAMA is a mothers group focusing on inner awareness, accepting of our new space in the world as we embrace motherhood and all the beautiful, crazy, stressful, worrying, wonderful things that it involves.

It's an 8 week course for no more than 10 moms (babies under 6 months are welcome) focusing around the seven chakras and giving space, support and friendship.

Time To Shine, the collaborative motivtional group for women, written by myself and Stacey Smith of Inspire Health and Mind, will be updated and hopefully coming to Bromsgrove soon so watch this space!

Dates to be confirmed for Hypnobirthing Group Classes and a new venue too, EXTREMELY exciting times are ahead and I cannot wait to share more details with you!

Kelly Anne


By Kelly Anne Hill, Feb 13 2014 09:40PM


This week I have been doing some work on personal development. I have recently signed up to a great email service that I want to share with you. It's called "Notes from the Universe" and it's a great motivational tool. They send you a very short email everyday giving you a useful tip on staying positive or how to keep going when things get tough. You can sign up at and I highly recommend that you do. The messages are brief and to the point, they do not contain loads of advertising or ask you to buy anything, it simply gives you a daily reminder to focus on what's really important and let go of the stuff that isn't. If you have read the book or seen the film, The Secret you'll be familiar with Mike Dooley who runs You can also follow @mikedooley on Twitter or find him on Facebook

I'm finding that having a little daily reminder is really helpful and I hope that you do too!

By Kelly Anne Hill, Jan 28 2014 01:04PM

I have been rather underacheiving at this blogging lark so as a goal for myself I am aiming to write something once a week. Whether that's relaxation tips, motivational affirmations or generally talking about my day as a therapist I will be hoping to make this more of a regular thing.

If you like what you see, or you don't!, drop me an email and tell me the sorts of things you'd like covered here and I will endeavour to accomodate ;-)

Kelly Anne.


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