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Hypnobirth and Anxiety Release Specialist

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Kelly Anne Therapies


Fertility 2 Birth

The arrival of a child is an exciting time. However, the idea of the birth itself can often cause anxiety and fear for expectant parents. Hypnobirth works to remove this sense of fear, instead leaving parents with feelings of anticipation and excitement.


The use of hypnosis during birth has been proven to significantly reduce the length of labour, in both the first and second stages. Indeed, 50% of mothers using the Fertility2Birth program have experienced a labour lasting less than 5 hours in total.


Confident, relaxed mothers have been proven, by clinical research, to experience better birth outcomes.



What is Hypnobirthing?

  • Why does birth have to be painful?

  • The role of the birth partner

  • Relieving ailments such as morning sickness, swollen ankles, etc.

Information on this page is referenced from the Fertility2Birth website. Please visit this site for further information about Hypnobirth using the Fertility2Birth method.

Elements Covered Include:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

I am trained in Hypnobirth practice, and use the Fertility2Birth program. Hypnobirth courses using the Fertility2Birth program consist of three two-hour sessions, with the aim of teaching parents how to utilise specialised methods for relaxation, in preparation for a calm, positive birth experience.


Kelly Anne Therapies will teach you how to access the heightened state of self that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can provide. At all times you will remain in control of your body and mind.


You will be provided with useful course packs, including two CDs that can be used daily, either individually or with a birthing partner.


Session 1 is usually delivered at 30 weeks, Session 2 at 32 weeks and Session 3 at 34 weeks. This is by no means the full extent of the program, just an idea of the level of depth and support that you can expect to receive.

Hypnobirth with Kelly Anne Therapies:

  • Your Birth Plan

  • What happens if your labour diverts from your Birth Plan

  • Mother's positioning for labour

  • Light Touch Massage

  • Controlling the atmosphere that your baby is born into

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Releasing Fear and Limiting Beliefs

  • Relaxation and visualisation of the ultimate birth

Approved by Small Steps


'What was amazing about the birth was how we used your hypno techniques. We went to hospital with regular contractions (ripples/ waves) on Saturday night and whilst in hospital the waterfall occurred. At that point i went to the car to collect the CD player and played your CD so Saima could focus on your visualisation methods. If I am honest i expected the hypno stuff to go out the window at this point and panic stations to set in, but not at all! Saima went through 12 hours of labour without any pain killers. A couple of times the Dr wanted to do a Caesarean but the mid wife could see what we were trying to do and how good Saima was. I was absolutely amazed as was the Dr too and the mid wife as well. Even though Saima was in obvious pain she managed to block it out and now does not even remember the 12 hours of labour. She remembers her waters breaking and having a shower and then holding baby Zayba. When she held Zayba and looked at the clock she thought it was 3am and not 3pm!! Saima only remembers listening to your voice and i was just re-iterating what you were saying on the CD (ie wrap yourself in your favourite colour, imagine the beach etc) and it even made me more focussed too.


I have told everyone i know about your remarkable methods and have become your biggest advocate and fan'


Dr S Naroo, Wylde Green.

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