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About Me

Kelly Anne Hill 

Hi I'm Kelly Anne and I am passionate about helping people create lasting positive change.

I gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching with Motivation Training under the supervision of Matthew Ferguson. Matthew himself has worked with Paul McKenna and trained with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP. My training also covered Stress Management, EFT and Motivational Therapy.


I am also a certified Fertility2Birth Hypnobirth Practioner. This method was developed by Advanced Hypno-Analysist Juliet Hollingsworth and a Hypnotherapist with over ten years experience on maternity wards, Sue Smith. I used this method myself whilst preparing for and during labour when having both of my children and can confirm that it definitely works!

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner with over 14 years experience in giving Reiki treatments and I have seen first hand the incredible benefits to mind, body and overall well being. For full details please visit my Reiki page or email me for more information.


During my career as a registered Social Worker and my previous work in the field of mental health, I have gained wide and varied experience of working with people from many different backgrounds, facing numerous difficulties. Empowering and assisting vulnerable adults and children, people with life limiting and life threatening illnesses, their carers and families, has given me an insight into the additional emotional support needed in times of great uncertainty.

It was noticing this gap in support that sparked my interest in complimentary therapies and taking a holistic approach.

I have been a Hypnotherapy practitioner for a number of years and assist clients with a range of needs from anxiety and mood related confidence issues, goal setting and self-esteem work, Hypnobirthing and pain management, to smoking cessation and assisting with weight loss. As a qualified NLP Life Coach I undertake a holistic approach to a client's needs thus ensuring that we address any possible underlying issues as well as the surface symptoms. This allows for lasting and positive change


I find all aspects of my work equally rewarding and I enjoy assisting all of my clients in discovering their own unique qualities and in moving forward with their lives.

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