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Easily Download MP4 Instagram Story with This Online Downloader

In the next step, a list of the albums created by the highlights of the username you wanted to download from will be created. Once you pick an album on the list, you will be able to see highlighted stories from that album. Finish the download process simply by clicking the link below the story.

You can only download Instagram stories on your iPhone using 3rd party downloader apps or Safari web browser. Due to your device's features, downloading can only work on the iOS 13 or higher versions. Visit and access the download link with a simple click.

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You can download your Instagram stories on your Android device using the most stable web browser, Chrome, simply by visiting Just follow the necessary steps and save the stories you want to download to your device in seconds.

First step is to access using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser. You can then download stories or highlights by following the steps. You can open downloaded video files using VLC Player.

You can easily download instagram videos in MP4 format. If the videos are not mp4 formatted, we convert instagram to MP4 and provide you the download links. Our powerful instagram to mp4 converter converts instagram videos to mp4 format in just a few seconds. The quality of the instagram .mp4 videos are very high so that you can watch those videos without sacrificing quality, making our service one of the best instagram converter online.

You can download HD 1080p instagram videos which are important because it refers to a display resolution of 1920x1080 pixels for Full HD and 1280x720 for HD videos, these instagram videos provides a high level of detail and clarity. Also instagram HD videos makes it suitable for watching videos without tired eyes, and also makes it easier to find details in photos and videos. These formats are the closest ones to 4K instagram videos.

Downloading instagram photos, instagram videos and stories never been so easy! With our instagram video downloader you can easily download most of the content from instagram. We present nearly all of the insta videos in HD quality and in MP4 format which is the most common format among all others. Photos also have the highest quality possible and usually in JPG format. You will also have the basic info about the instagram account you are downloading content from. We also do not limit the size of any instagram video or photo meaning you can download any instagram content in any size. Moreover, our video downloader can be used as a instagram converter to convert instagram videos to mp4.

You can save instagram videos and photos to your PC, Mac, IOS device such as iphone, ipad etc. Besides it is also possible to save instagram videos to your android phone or to a portable usb hard disk. Just be sure to select the correct drive when saving instagram content after you choose "save as". On most IOS devices, it is better to use a portable disk or a third party ios app to save instagram videos online. It is user's responsibility to respect instagram copyright owners' rights.

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If you know directly the instagram account you want to download videos from, just navigate to that user's account and select the instagram video. You can also search instagram videos and photos with the help of instagram hashtags like #superbowl, #basketball or #cars. Whatsmore, it is possible to use google search to find instagram videos to download using search phrases like "instagram superbowl".

here first checked fetched that story is in jpg format or in mp4 and after that it check for response from server and it save story and in file as wb i.e. write in bits and it save story in media folder

Instagram is a platform that has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is a social media app that has completely changed the way we interact with our friends, family, and even strangers. The platform is popular for its unique features, including stories, reels, and highlights. While Instagram provides a great experience, there are times when we wish to download our favorite stories, highlights, and reels for offline viewing. This is where Instagram highlights downloader apps come into play.

Instagram highlight downloader apps have become increasingly popular due to their ability to download Instagram reels and save stories. These apps not only allow you to download your own stories, but also those of other users on the platform. In this article, we will explore the best Instagram highlight downloader apps and their pros and cons.

Fast Save is a highly recommended Instagram highlight downloader app that has been in use for the last 3 years. It is easy to use and allows users to download any Instagram story, video, or photo without any difficulty. The app has many features such as saving multiple photos and videos, viewing quickly saved stories, getting user details by long pressing on saved photos and videos, fast download speed, a beautiful dashboard, slideshow views, reposting, sharing, and deleting photos and videos, hide saved photos and videos, and batch save photos and videos offline.

Inst Download is another popular Instagram highlights downloader app for Android that has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. This app allows users to easily download Instagram stories and videos from any account by copying and pasting the links directly into the app. It is a comprehensive and efficient website that provides great tools and is completely free.

Save Insta is a free online tool that can be used to download Instagram videos in high-quality video formats such as mp4. It is a two-in-one downloader app that allows users to download Instagram stories, highlights, posts, profile pictures, reels, videos, IGTV, and more. The process is simple; users only need to copy the link to the Instagram post and paste it into the app to download any story or video.

Ahasave is a free-to-use app that helps users save photos, videos, stories, reels, and highlights from any Instagram account directly to their phones. Users can also download IGTV with this application by copying the link of the content they want to download and sharing it with the app.

QuickSave is a highly recommended Instagram highlight downloader app for Android that allows users to save Instagram stories, screenshots, and videos with ease. It allows users to grow their social network following by saving all of their new or lost followers on an hourly basis. Users can browse through articles using tags and select the most popular one depending on what they do to attract attention.

Snap downloader is a useful Instagram highlight downloader and saver that allows users to download Instagram stories to Android or any system they are using. Users can convert their Instagram stories into MP3 or MP4 formats and use the built-in video trimmer if they need to edit their films for any reason. This app offers a free download with restricted functionality or a subscription service.

The quality of the photos and videos we repost on our Instagram account is important. However, sometimes we may come across low-quality content that we would still like to repost. To address this issue, the Instake app was created. The Instagram highlights downloader allows users to download Instagram photos and videos in high quality, including reels and IGTV content, without losing any of the original quality. With just a few clicks, users can download content from any account and even repost it on their own account.

Download Gram is an online tool that allows users to download Instagram photos, videos, reels, and IGTV by simply copying and pasting the link of the post. It is very easy to use and effective and can save content directly to your gallery. Here are some pros and cons of using Download Gram:

It is a tool that allows users to download story highlights from Instagram profiles. These tools typically work by extracting the media files from the Instagram server and providing a downloadable link to the user.

The legality of downloading Instagram highlights depends on the intended use of the downloaded content. If the content is being used for personal, non-commercial purposes, it is generally considered legal. However, using downloaded content for commercial purposes or without permission from the original content creator may be a violation of copyright laws.

In general, Instagram highlights downloaders should work for any public Instagram profile. However, some Instagram profiles may have privacy settings that restrict access to their story highlights, in which case a downloader may not work.

In conclusion, Instagram Highlight downloaders have become increasingly popular as they allow users to easily save and download their favorite stories, moments, and memories from Instagram. These tools not only offer convenience and accessibility but also provide a great way for users to keep a backup of their content, especially if they want to revisit it later or use it for other purposes.

One problem I noticed is that while I can post an animated MP4, simply downloading an MP4 animation from Procreate to my iPhone makes it very blurry, which is frustrating. Is there a way to stop the MP4 from becoming blurry in the first place?

Instagram Highlights are the best way to share stories online for lifelong. Highlights are the same as the Instagram Stories but there is a difference, the Instagram stories are available only for 24 hours but Instagram highlights are the way to present your story long as long time you want to share on your Instagram Profile.

So, here we solve your problem! InDown Instagram Highlights downloader is providing you Instagram Highlights downloading free, fastly and securely. We know very well that memories are part of our life and we every time save them when we think these memories are the best memories for us.

Would you be using this feature for Insta Stories? Groups would allow you to add people regardless if you follow them, so you can binge watch Stories from your favourite people without going 'full instagram circle'. 2b4c41e320


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