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Fertility 2 Birth Practitioner

The arrival of a child is an exciting time. However, the idea of the birth itself can often cause anxiety and fear for expectant parents. Hypnobirth works to remove this sense of fear, instead leaving parents with feelings of anticipation and excitement.

The use of hypnosis during birth has been proven to significantly reduce the length of labour, in both the first and second stages. Indeed, 50% of mothers using the Fertility2Birth program have experienced a labour lasting less than 5 hours in total.

Confident, relaxed mothers have been proven, by clinical research, to experience better birth outcomes.

I will teach you how to use the technique that I myself used when giving birth to my two children to access the heightened state of self that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can provide. At all times you will remain in control of your body and mind.

You will be provided with useful course packs, including two CDs or MP3s that can be used daily, either individually or with a birthing partner.

Book private sessions at home, or join us for group sessions and meet other expectant moms. 

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