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How an Altercation with a Tree Helped Me Regain My Perspective

Hey there, my lovely tribe! I've got a tale to tell – a blend of humor and heartfelt reflection that I hope will resonate with you all. But before I dive into it, let me start by offering my sincere apologies for not being around much lately. Life took a surprising turn recently, and it knocked me off my feet, quite literally!

You see, I decided to take some me time over my birthday weekend (social media, work commitments, and family challenges had become quite overwhelming) so I wanted to reconnect with nature, to find inspiration and rejuvenate my spirit. Little did I know that this escapade would involve an unexpected altercation with a tree! Yes, you read that right – a tree!

So, picture this: I'm out working in the garden, seeking solace among the greenery and fresh air, when I accidentally bump into a rather stubborn tree, or rather the tree bumped into me! The encounter didn't quite go as planned – the tree won, and I ended up spending five unexpected hours in the A&E with a head injury. Ouch!

As they say, life has its way of pulling us back to what truly matters. With my head glued and still struggling with concussion almost a week later, I've had plenty of time to reflect on what really counts in this fast-paced world.

You know what I realised when I did start to reconnect with Social Media? We live in a world full of competition, where everyone seems to strive to be the best and offer the most. It's all about fakery and filters – but that's just not me. I've always believed in being authentic, genuine, and true to myself and my values.

I was told to take total bedrest to recover properly as it was a nasty bump, those that know me at all will know instantly that I do not 'do nothing' very well! So as I sat there in my bed, I couldn't help but think about how much I cherish the simple joys of life, of connecting with real people, and how much I enjoy giving back to the community. Sometimes, the rat race can make us forget what truly matters, but this tree-induced encounter brought me back to my original values. I am not in competition with anyone, never have been, don't need or want to be as I refuse to live in scarcity and fear, there is abundance everywhere but even the most spiritual of us get sucked in by the apparent pressure to be perfect all of the time!

So, as I gradually recover and heal, I want to share this rediscovered perspective with all of you. Embrace your authenticity, and don't get caught up in the whirlwind of superficiality. It's okay to pull back, to take a breather, and to reconnect with your inner self.

Let's ditch this pressure of being the best and instead focus on being our best selves – not for the sake of comparison but for the genuine growth and fulfillment it brings. Let's use our platforms to share stories, not just picture-perfect moments. To build each other up, not clamber over each other for the next grasping sale. Because life is a journey, and the most meaningful parts are often the messy, unfiltered ones.

Thank you, my dear tribe, for understanding my absence. Know that I am here, now, fully present and eager to connect. Let's walk this journey together, embracing our quirks, and supporting each other wholeheartedly.

Here's to healing, laughter, and rediscovering the magic of being true to ourselves.

With all my love shiny souls,

Kelly Anne

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