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Hypnobirth and Anxiety Release Specialist

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Kelly Anne Therapies

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Why use Kelly Anne Therapies?

'What was amazing about the birth was how we used your hypno techniques. We went to hospital with regular contractions (ripples/ waves) on Saturday night and whilst in hospital the waterfall occurred. At that point i went to the car to collect the CD player and played your CD so Saima could focus on your visualisation methods. If I am honest i expected the hypno stuff to go out the window at this point and panic stations to set in, but not at all! Saima went through 12 hours of labour without any pain killers. A couple of times the Dr wanted to do a Caesarean but the mid wife could see what we were trying to do and how good Saima was. I was absolutely amazed as was the Dr too and the mid wife as well. Even though Saima was in obvious pain she managed to block it out and now does not even remember the 12 hours of labour. She remembers her waters breaking and having a shower and then holding baby Zayba. When she held Zayba and looked at the clock she thought it was 3am and not 3pm!! Saima only remembers listening to your voice and i was just re-iterating what you were saying on the CD (ie wrap yourself in your favourite colour, imagine the beach etc) and it even made me more focussed too.


I have told everyone i know about your remarkable methods and have become your biggest advocate and fan'

I have worked with Kelly Anne for a variety of related issues. It has been useful to be able to move seamlessly from one technique to another depending on what was needed eg both hypnotherapy and life coaching. It has helped me so much to have someone who listens and coaches and gives me feedback and supports me.

 Working with Kelly Anne to overcome the issues I have been facing has been incredibly helpful. My life has changed dramatically thanks to the help that I received from Kelly Anne and I am finally happy, healthy and in control of my own life and emotions, something that I never thought I would be able to say.


Having struggled with anxiety and emotion related issues for a number of years, the support I was given from Kelly Anne was invaluable in being able to work through them and move forward with my life. I was able to set goals and achieve them, being offered the open and encouraging environment needed to do so.


My confidence, self esteem and motivation has been vastly improved throughout the time working with Kelly Anne and this has continued long after treatment. Being able to find somebody that I could trust and feel safe talking to was a big obstacle for me and although I found it difficult, Kelly Anne provided that and has helped me along every step that I took. Kelly Anne has gone above and beyond and truly cares.

Ruth, Great Barr.

Charlotte, Cheltenham.

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At a particularly low point in my life a friend recommended Kelly Anne to me. Although I only had a few sessions with her, I can honestly say she has made a huge difference to my life: setting realistic short, medium & long-term goals.Thank you Kelly Anne.

John, Kings Norton.

Dr S Naroo, Wylde Green.

Excellent introduction to Reiki, Kelly Anne is warm, welcoming, understanding & helpful. Brilliant session....Thanks for what you do. More of the same please.

Eileen, Sutton Coldfield.

Very enlightening & relaxing, plus a wonderful chance to learn the benefits of Reiki.

The therapy session was amazing & relaxing today. Great to meet other carers & share experiences

As usual Kelly Anne is insiprational. The session was very interesting & the Reiki part (was) very relaxing. Thank you.

Linda, Sutton Coldfield.

Barbara, Sutton Coldfield.

Sarah, Kings Heath.

Kelly Anne's life coaching sessions helped me to see that change is possible and gave me the confidence to start making that change. I'm now on the way to living the life that I've always wanted but never thought I'd have. Thank you Kelly Anne.

Olivia, Lichfield.