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Navigating Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Embracing the Blue Supermoon: A Personal Reflection

large planet and it's moon surrounded by light and stars

Hey there, kindred spirits! As I look forward to sitting and gazing at the hopefully clear night sky tonight, I can't help but be excited by the cosmic dance that will be unfolding above!

. Tonight, the universe graces us with the celestial beauty of a Blue Supermoon during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. But beyond the astronomical marvel, these events have a profound significance for our personal growth and self-care journey.

Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rap, as it's known for causing communication hiccups and technological mayhem. Yet, in the sign of Virgo, its energy invites us to slow down and turn our gaze inward. I've learned that these periods are a cosmic nudge to pause, reflect, and reevaluate, which fits perfectly with my recent reflections following my ‘meeting of minds’ with a tree! So, I've decided to embrace this retrograde dance, allowing it to guide me on a journey of self-discovery.

Tonight's Blue

Supermoon brings an extra dose of magic. As I imagine breathing in the crisp night air, I will embrace the feeling of the universe whispering that it's a time of release and renewal. I'll be lighting my sage, cleansing my space and my energy, and inviting fresh intentions and positive vibes. It's a ritual that connects me to the cycles of nature and reminds me to cleanse my mind and heart as well.

My morning cacao this last few days, my warming and nourishing daily elixir, has been infused with Lion’s Mane to assist me further at this time of change. Its energy aligns perfectly with the introspective nature of Mercury Retrograde. As I sip, I have found myself diving into moments of introspection, setting intentions for personal growth, and letting go of what no longer serves me. It's like a cozy heart-to-heart with myself.

In a world that often pushes us to "do more" and "be more," I'm still embracing the beauty of "keeping it real." This Blue Supermoon, with Mercury Retrograde, my cacao rituals, and moments of self-care remind me that I don't need to follow trends or fit into boxes that aren't meant for me. Life is about doing things that resonate, that align with my unique journey.

As the moonlight bathes me in its soft glow this evening, I'll be reminded of the importance of authenticity. The Blue Supermoon's energy encourages us to be true to ourselves, just like the moon itself – fully illuminated and unapologetically real.

So, my fellow cosmic wanderers, let's celebrate these celestial events by slowing down, embracing self-care rituals, and honouring our individual paths. Let's release what no longer serves us, set intentions for growth, and keep it real in a world that sometimes forgets the beauty of authenticity.

Brightest of Blessings Beautiful Souls!

Kelly Anne

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